"keep in touch" residency


Johanna Arco

Johanna Arco (1991, Österreich) studierte an der Gerrit Rietveld Academie und ist zurzeit Teilnehmerin am MFA Programm des Sandberg Institutes in Amsterdam. Die zentrale Fragestellung ihrer Arbeit behandelt zurzeit die physischen Unterschiede zwischen Mensch und Objekt. Die zunehmende Entsensualisierung und Entkörperung der Gesellschaft verändert die Erfahrung des “Selbst” und somit  auch die Einstellung zur Umwelt. Die performative und material bezogene Herangehensweise belebt ihre Skulpturen und transformieren sie zu einem reaktionsfähigen Gegenüber.



Suzanne Bernhardt  

Suzanne Bernhardt looks at how people are living and working together and the different social roles we play. These ways of cohabitation and coexistence are translated in works that take on various forms – photography, printed matter or text, a self crafted object or an excursion – many of which are developed site specifically.

In this process she often includes collaborations with 'others'. With this multidisciplinary approach the work invites a spontaneous experience of the direct environment. It provides an experimental space from which she addresses the constant transformation that lies in the essence of things.


Didi Lehnhausen 

Didi Lehnhausen researches how people, places and events exist within images by exploring different recording devices and techniques. Digging into the conventions of photography through the limits of the camera, the size of the frame, the flatness of a print. Photographs that function as a record of something often represent a specific form of evidence. The evidence of how a person looks, the image of a city, or of a specific event. By questioning and reforming the methods of recording she is questioning the evidence itself and creating new records.